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Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient addiction treatment is intended for those who are suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs, but don't need to go to an inpatient rehab center. These outpatient services help the addict recover from drug abuse, alcohol abuse, addiction to prescription drugs and the use of other substances. The services provided at an outpatient center frequently include individual and group therapy, support groups, medical treatment and recovery services. Outpatient addiction treatment allows the addict to stay at home, continue working or attending school, and remain an active participant in the community.

There are different kinds of outpatient addiction treatment programs and facilities; each has its own philosophy and requirements. Some places have programs for more than one type of addiction., and others have a more singular focus on either drugs or alcohol. The time required to complete treatment varies from one facility to another; some programs require an evaluation, creation of a treatment plan and weekly counseling sessions, but others require daily classes and therapy.

Selecting the right outpatient addiction treatment center is just as important as the decision you made to seek help. Some programs are 12-step, and some are faith based. Others use alternative treatment methods such as acupuncture and hypnosis, and some take a totally holistic approach, incorporating aspects from many treatment types. The more options an addict has, the better chance they have of finding one that suits their needs.

No matter the time frame or the method of treatment, all outpatient addiction treatment centers have one goal: to give addicts the help they need to overcome addiction and to stay clean after treatment is over. Good outpatient centers offer options that include a custom-fit, detailed plan of treatment, group and individual therapy, and education on ways to live drug-free. Most programs offer 24-hour phone-based or live help, as well.

Outpatient addiction treatment is not for everyone; those that have lesser addictions to just one substance, who can avoid temptation and who are fully committed will benefit the most. Those who have many or very severe addictions, or who cannot progress without day and night support may find an inpatient center more appropriate. Deciding what kind of treatment you need can be hard, and if you are unsure, you should consult your health care practitioner for recommendations.