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Drug Addiction Rehab

There are a lot of reasons why people get addicted to drugs. The most addictive of drugs are powder and crack cocaine, speed, and heroin. Drug addiction rehab can be found in every major city in the US and Europe, and it appears as if drug addiction is here to stay. These drug rehab facilities offer a variety of services, but all have a focus on drug awareness, counseling, education and treatment. Some further refine their focus to include proper nutrition, and these programs vary widely in time frame and cost.

Most drug addiction rehab facilities will recommend an inpatient program as the first step in recovery. Patients live in these facilities for an average of 28 days. Most drug users, while in the program, experience a freedom that they haven't felt in a long time; somewhat paradoxically, the freedom comes from a strict routine. Patients get drug education, group and individual counseling. All of the things that can cause drug addiction are examined during an inpatient drug addiction rehab stay, and patients will come away with the tools they need to beat their addiction. Most facilities view addiction as a disease, but some believe it is the consequence of bad decisions. In most cases, the patient is kept from leaving the facility and they must attend all rehab-sanctioned events.

When a patient completes the program, they will almost certainly be recommended for a continuing outpatient program. Here, the addict continues to go to individual and group therapy sessions, an average of three times per week. Good follow-up is essential to a successful recovery. The aftercare helps the patient overcome anxiety and fear, and gives them the tools they need to finish their recovery. Almost all aftercare programs last for at least six months, and some last for an entire year. During this time, the patient will continue to attend Addicts Anonymous meetings, and once the outpatient treatment is continued, they will still attend the weekly meetings.