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Computer Addiction Rehab

computer addictionThe phrase "Internet addiction" was first used back in 1995, but back then, it was a joke. Most people didn't have web access at home, and anyone who checked their email a handful of times per day could be perceived as having an Internet addiction. Today, addiction to the Internet is set to be included in classification manuals for mental health issues. Those that have a hard time putting limits on their use of the Internet for shopping, gambling and gaming are now seeking help from computer addiction rehab facilities. If you are looking for help for yourself or someone you know, keep these tips in mind.

*If you can, select a program that specializes in gaming and Internet addiction. The treatment for this disease is still fairly new, but the need is growing every day. Just five years ago, it was next to impossible to find a doctor who could treat computer addiction; but the number of doctors who can is rising and a lot of psychologists are becoming more experienced in the treatment of the addiction.

*If a computer addiction specialist isn't available, choose one who is well-versed in the treatment of gambling addiction. When compared to drug and alcohol issues, the principles behind gambling addiction are much the same as those that underlie Internet addiction; the techniques used to treat compulsive gambling are easily adapted for use with computer addiction.

*Think about choosing a computer addiction rehab program headed by a younger, more tech-savvy doctor. Just because a doctor is younger doesn't mean that they have experience with Internet technology, but the chance is much higher. It's vital that the doctor have a basic understanding of the Internet and of technology. Choose a doctor that takes online addiction seriously and doesn't automatically dismiss your online habits as a sign of a deep-seated psychological issue.

Internet addiction is best treated by cognitive behavioral therapy, which relies on the changing of unhealthy and irrational thought processes, the implementation of behavioral modifications, and validation that there is indeed a problem. As of now, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) is the method of choice in computer addiction rehab.